Monday, December 18, 2017
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Articulated hauler

Articulated hauler
An articulated hauler invented by Volvo Construction Equipment is a piece of heavy equipment used to transport loads over rough terrain. The first such machine was introduced by Volvo in 1968. The machine consists of two basic units, one generally called the tractor and the rear section, called the hauler or trailer section, which contains the dump body.
Articulated haulers are the cousins of another heavy truck called the rigid hauler. The two main differences are the weight of material carried and the steering function. The differences in payload are rather sizable, a rigid hauler carrying up to 400 tons, and an articulated hauler generally carrying no more than 40 tons. A rigid hauler steers using the same principles as a passenger car, whereas an articulated hauler uses hydraulic cylinders to turn the front frame, containing the tractor, independent of the rear frame.

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